Monday, September 28, 2009

What We Learned -- Week 4

Tommy Tomlinson: Georgia 20, Arizona State 17 -- Yes, Julio Jones over at Alabama is a stud. But he's not the best WR in the SEC right now. He's not the best sophomore WR in the SEC right now. He's not even the best sophomore WR wearing no. 8 in the SEC right now. On Saturday against Arizona State, Georgia's A.J. Green caught a 56-yard touchdown pass, blocked a potentially game-winning Arizona State field goal, caught a 36-yard pass to get the Dawgs in field goal range, and mixed the sweet sweet Jack-and-Cokes of victory back at the dorm after UGA kicked the FG on the final play to win. (I'm not positive about that Jack-and-Cokes part. But that's what I would have done.)

If he washes the uniforms, mows the Sanford Stadium field and takes over the defensive play-calling, we've got a shot against LSU.

In other news, my condolences to Mr. Roberts and all other Mississippi State fans... but when you punt from midfield, you sort of deserve to have it run back for a TD. And Florida fans, don't worry about Tebow. He'll be good as new on the third day.

Peter St. Onge: Auburn 54, Ball State 30 - I'm not particularly worried that Ball State scored second-half touchdowns against an Auburn defense that included members of the scout team. I am concerned about what our offense will do when SEC defenses put eight men in the box, which our most recent opponents have tried, but have quality defensive backs to cover our receivers - which our most recent opponents have not had. My suspicion is that Gus Malzahn has unveiled only as much of his offense as he's had to. For Auburn's sake in October, that'd better be true.

Michael Gordon: Alabama 35, Arkansas 7 - Greg McElroy seems to be having more fun than any quarterback in the SEC right now. He looks like a freshly licensed 16-year-old who's been given the keys to the world's best family car. Plus, he's got the conference's best defense riding shotgun. That defense is a little less daunting with the loss of linebacker Dont'a Hightower, meaning some young member of Nick Saban's recruiting windfall could be pressed into service. The Tide's first two road games beckon at Kentucky and Ole Miss. Yet, this appears to be a team that will not be shaken by a little noise. Traps remain, and Tebow's eyes have yet to clear, but the conference again is shaping up as a two-team affair.

Oh . . . and then there's this:

R. Trentham Roberts: LSU 30, Mississippi State 26 -- Didn't see the game. Don't plan on looking up any video. Three cracks at 1 yard with zero results are about all the numbers I need. But can't help wondering if it means State is really heading in the right direction, or if LSU is going to be out of sorts all year long.

South Carolina 16, Ole Miss 10 -- Still hard to believe that South Carolina's three-man rush could give the Ole Miss offensive line such fits. To their credit, the ESPN crew (Chris Fowler, Craig James, Jesse Palmer) called the name of USC defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson early and often. But a weekend of "let's see what so-and-so has dialed up" is already making my ears bleed.


Anonymous said...

I see Gordon is blathering again in the usual 'Bama arrogance, which clings to the belief that the sun rises and sets on their backsides and that anytime they win a game, the rest of the NCAA is rendered irrelevant. You still have to play Misipi, overrated as they may be, and the Iron Bowl. You will not win either game just by making it to the stadium on time and putting on your helmets. Yes, you'll be favored, but you'll still have to actually play them.

And yes, we haven't played anyone, and I'm not sure this week we play anyone either, but the confidence is growing by the week. I'm not as worried as Peter is - I'm sure there is more to the offense than we have seen. Has any Auburn receiver run anything but a fly or crossing pattern yet? If the defenses do put 8 in the box, Chris Todd can quickly check down to Trott or one of the running backs being covered by a linebacker, which will be laughable mismatches against everyone except 'Bama. There is plenty to be excited about down on the plains.


Bigdawg said...

Not only is A.J. the best receiver in the SEC, but with him getting double-teamed on every play, it increases the number of completions to the other GA receivers like Kris Durham, Tavarres King, Michael Moore, and my nominee for the player with the best name in the SEC - Rantavious Wooten.

Observer Sports said...


Quick question: Who are the best SEC teams you've seen this year?

Like I said, Florida and Alabama.

We're only a third of the way in, and this can all change tomorrow.
But at this point. there are only two borderline great teams. Mine and the Gators. And the gap with the rest of the conference ain't shrinking.

In the meantime, you'll have to come up with something better than 'bama arrogance' to explain why so many writers are saying Alabama is the best team they've seen all year.

Beat the Vols.


Anonymous said...


Never said 'Bama wasn't great this year. They are, and Florida' great also. But it is still early. LSU hasn't been very sharp, but they're always tough at home. We'll have to wait and see about Misipi, Auburn and the Fightin' Chickens.

I just think it's way too early to call the SEC a 2-team affair.