Friday, October 9, 2009

Who ya got: Week 6


This is one of those weekends when the rest of the college football world should skip their games, pull up chairs and just gape.

For the first time, the SEC has donned its kingly robes -- draping Saturday with a daylong display of crackling matchups that again establishes the conference's claim to the throne. Let's meet the Royal Family:

Michael Gordon:

Auburn at Arkansas: Deceiving win over Texas A&M may have Hog fans again overestimating this team. Their defense is awful. Auburn's is mediocre, but will do enough to let Tiger offense punch holes in another one-armed Bobby Petrino team. Auburn 42-30.

Georgia at Tennessee: Another big home stage for Lane Kiffin, another illustration of just how badly the Vols need a quarterback. Georgia, 20-10.

Kentucky at South Carolina: Are chickens capable of coughing up hairballs? If so, this is the week. Carolina could be caught looking ahead to Tuscaloosa. But Kentucky enters Week 3 of a brutal SEC stretch, still relying on a quarterback who hasn't shown he can play. Carolina, 28-16.

Vanderbilt at Army: Cadets will punch Vandy in the nose. Will the 'Dores respond. Sort of. Vandy, 20-17.

Alabama at Ole Miss: Up to now, Ole Miss resembles Julius Peppers -- physically imposing but apparently bored. If the Rebs are to erupt, the time is now. I'm scared. But I'd be more scared if Houston Nutt had his typical offensive line. Tide, 28-17.

Florida at LSU: First quarterback to play well wins. Did Jordan Jefferson turn the corner with his 4th-quarter performance against Georgia? Who takes snaps for the Gators? Florida defense will be flying after the ball. The Tigers' offense still gives me pause. I know, Saturday night in Death Valley and blah, blah, blah, cher. Florida, 21-17.

Courtney St. Onge:

Alabama 30, Ole Miss 13
Auburn 38, Arkansas 35
Florida 28, LSU 20
Houston 31, Miss. State 20
Georgia 21, Tenn. 17
South Carolina 24, Kentucky 14
Vandy 27, Army 13

R. Trentham Roberts:

While wondering why Mr. Gordon thinks so little of my alma mater that he doesn't even take the time to pick them to get blown out by Houston...

Florida at LSU: The other day I took at look at Les Miles' 10 most heart-stopping wins. (Click here if you want to see it.) After a while, it ain't luck. It makes me BELIEVE. (For the purposes of this edition of the blog, anyway.) LSU 21, Florida 18.

Alabama at Ole Miss: The red and blue garbage cans are already dotting the Grove. (Click here for the webcam.) Hope there are a lot of them, because Rebel fans won't be able to keep their liquid lunch down. Alabama 28, Ole Miss 7.

Auburn 49, Arkansas 48
Tennessee 21, Georgia 17
South Carolina 24, Kentucky 20
Vanderbilt 30, Army 13
Houston 42, Mississippi State 30

Sorry for the omission, Trent, but I thought you'd suffered enough.


Anonymous said...

Here are my picks:

‘Bama at Misipi – I thought Misipi had a stud QB. Oh, yeah, they did – 6 years ago. Gordon has zero reason to fear. The Evil Empire 31, Misipi 14

Kentucky at South Carolina – The Fightin’ Chickens, accustomed to playing every game on Thursday night, start very slowly trying to adjust to this bizarre Saturday game thing. By the fourth quarter, their speed kicks in. Fightin’ Chickens 27, Mildcats 20

Houston at Mispi St – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Houston 38, Misipi St 24

Vanderbilt at Army – As the ‘Bama and Misipi writers on this blog argued about the other guy’s school relying too much on the past, it got me thinking, and waxing nostalgic about the good ol’ days, when the SEC had football teams in Tennessee. Army 24, Vandy 17

Georgia at Tennessee – Dawgs are hit with a 15-yard penalty before kickoff when officials flag Richt for talking too loud to his team in the pre-game huddle. Vols take the opening kickoff to the GA 21 and can’t score. Lane & Monty switch from orange to hot pink sweaters at halftime. Doesn’t help. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 23, Lane & Monty 10

Florida at LSU – President Obama surprises Gators with a pregame appearance in their locker room. He’s there to make sure Tebow knows the United States will cease to exist if he doesn’t play. He plays. LSU is penalized 15 yards for running out of the tunnel too fast. Gators take the opening kickoff to the LSU 21 and Tebow runs it in for a TD on the first play. He runs over an official, giving the official a concussion. No flag thrown. Obama doesn’t visit the official. Gators 27, LSU 21

Auburn at Ar-kansas – Auburn does NOT have a whiff defense, as was stated by one of the writers on this blog last week. But the lack of depth in the secondary will be exploited by the Mullet QB. But Ar-kansas has no defense either. Auburn should have enough offense – BARELY – to stay a step ahead. After the game, SEC commissioner announces there will be a new pinball machine created based on this game. WAR EAGLE 52, Pigs 49.

Bigdawg said...
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Bigdawg said...

Big games everywhere you look. I think the Dawgs are good enough that they won't lose 2 SEC games in a row, especially when the 2nd one is TN. If I'm wrong it's going to be a long season in Athens. Then I guess you have to go with the favorites with Aub, USC, Vandy and Bama.

Down in Starkville, I knew the Cougars were overrated when they were 12th in the nation last week, but can we really believe they are the underdog vs Miss St? Gotta go with the Cougar bounce back on this one.

That leaves the evil Gators trip to the bayou. Look it's better for the Dawgs if FL wins because our only hope of making it to the SEC championship game is to upset the Gators on Halloween, and I don't see the Gators losing TWO regular season games. As much as my brain tells me a FL victory is in our best interest, my genetic makeup will not allow me to root for them. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to pick who I THINK will win, not who I WANT to win ---- TIGERS !!

Anonymous said...

UNC would beat all you!

Anonymous said...

OK, so we got blown out. Not even the giddiest War Eagle backer thought we'd go undefeated. And we're probably out of the top 25. We'll get back on track though.