Sunday, August 21, 2011

Miss. State: Does 'Bully for the Bullies' still hold true?

Mississippi State's dismantling of Michigan in its bowl game, which followed a season when the Bulldogs fought national champion Auburn to the very end, capped off another growth spurt year for the Starkvillians.

Will it continue in 2011? Our preseason analyst says yes. But State, like all emerging teams, has problems with depth and the overall skill level of its roster. The Bulldogs also lost defensive coordinator Manny Diaz. Suffice to say, much of the season rides on Chris Relf. If he continues his improvement, State again will be the team nobody really wants to play.

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More cowbell said...

It will be tough to top last year. I think we will be a better team but not have a better record due to our schedule. However, that is why they play the games so we will see. One thing is for sue, Ole Miss will suck again.

Anonymous said...

The potential to have a decent season is about 50-50.
More importantly....the potential that Ole Miss will have a not so decent season is greater than 50-50.
That is only true if you don't live now where you did before you you?

Majid Ali said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm still not sold on Relf. I think they lose in week 2 only because they don't have a QB that can feast on Auburn's still-suspect secondary. I also think they beat UGA, the second-most overrated team of all time (second only to the 2011 Florida Lizards).

So I agree with the 8-4 prediction with the difference being that I think they lose to Auburn and beat UGA.